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Login and Signup on KARE Heroes

Before logging in

To login, you must have the KARE Heroes mobile app downloaded on your device.

Note: For information about where to find the KARE Heroes mobile app on app stores, please visit our article [insert article name here]

Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to login if you haven’t already done so. The login screen will contain options to do the following:

  • Log In
  • Sign Up
  • Explore Shifts as Guest



Log in

If you have already signed up on KARE, you’ll need to input the following information to login:

  • Email
  • Password


If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Password?” option and choose SMS or Email to receive a verification code to reset the password.

[insert image of forgot password and subsequent screen]


You can also login with popular social media applications such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn by clicking on their icons under the “Or Login With” section. You may be redirected out of the application to sign in through these options.

[insert screenshot of other logins]


Signing up

If you do not have an account on KARE Heroes, you can sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” option.


To sign up, you are required to input the following information:

  • Photo
    • NOTE: The photo will be used for your KARE badge. Please make sure it is of your face without modifying the image with filters, etc.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Password
  • Confirm Password


Verifying your phone number

Once you’ve filled out your account information and tapped the “Create Account” button, you will be asked to authenticate your account through a SMS text message.

[Insert photo of SMS verification]


After verifying your account with the provided number, you will be ready to continue your journey towards becoming a KARE HERO. All following steps towards setting up your profile can be found by navigating to the help article [insert becoming a KARE HERO article]


Explore shifts as guest

If you’d like to explore the KARE Heroes app before signing up, clicking the “Explore Shifts as Guest” option is a great way to navigate around the app and understand more. Here, you can see what it’s like to look for shifts on KARE. However, the shifts are sample shifts. You must sign up and register your address to see shifts in your area.


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