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Frequently Asked Questions

None! Zero! Zilch! Nada! You only pay for the care labor you use. In fact, you could sign up for KARE and never use us, and it would not cost you anything.

There is no elaborate training required. If you can use Uber, Lyft or GrubHub, you can use KARE. We’ve had clients post shifts during training and had them filled in 2 minutes!

The four reasons everyone hates staffing agencies are:

  1. Agency is so expensive!”: KARE is not! Our Heroes cost you around the same cost as a fully burdened FTE.
  2. With agencies, to quote Forest Gump, “Ya never know what are going to get”, and it may be a different person from one day to the next”: Unlike an agency, you can see a full profile and 5-star rating of the Heroes applying to work your shifts. Plus, if you like someone, you can communicate with them directly to encourage them to work additional open shifts.
  3. If you like them, you can’t hire them: Not true with KARE. We don’t charge you a penny to hire one of our Heroes! Actually, we encourage it! This will encourage more Heroes to use the app knowing they can find full-time employment and is an incentive for you, our caring communities, to want to use our service more!
  4. “The people who come from an agency may not fit our culture:” Think of KARE as a platform to audition your next potential hire. Instead of spending so much time interviewing people, try folks from KARE. If you find they fit your culture, hire them! We don’t charge a fee for full-time placement.

First, we ONLY allow licensed caregivers (CNA, CMA, LVN/LPN, RN) to work on our platform. Next, we make sure every person on KARE goes through the same screening process that you would, and make sure they are state compliant. Our process includes:

  • Auditing their Resume.
  • Verifying their license with the State, OIG, and National Databases to ensure they have a valid license AND they are employable by those various agencies.
  • Phone interview and orientation of KARE. After they pass this stage . . .
  • Send the candidate out for a 10-panel drug screen.
  • Run a comprehensive background check. Please inquire about our adjudication matrix and how we filter candidates. You will find that our standards are often more strenuous than state requirements.
  • Collect Final resume, W9, TB test, BLS, Driver’s License, Bank account (for direct deposit), and copy of license (CNA, CMA, LVN, RN as applicable).

Nope. The app is smart enough to automatically check them in when they arrive. After the HERO checks out of their app, they also must document breaks and meals. Any break longer than 30 minutes and “they are off the clock” and you won’t be charged. Any break LESS than 30 minutes is considered a small break, and this will be charged.

Our Heroes are people too. Sometimes things happen and they can’t make it. However, we make sure that we send enough automated messages to remind them about their upcoming shift. Also, two hours prior to the shift start time, they have to hit a button that will tell you exactly how far away they are from your community. Our operations team sees the same thing. If a shift looks like it is in danger of being missed by the hero, or they may be late, our KARE Connectors will get the same alerts and spring into action to contact the HERO. If they feel there may be a risk, we will automatically repost the shift and promote it free of charge to any qualified HERO in the area.

You set the pay rates that the Heroes see! We recommend paying the HERO about what you would pay your normal FTEs for the same position. That way there is no jealousy between our Heroes and your employees.

We’ve got you covered! You can do two things to help ensure you get a qualified HERO quickly:

  • In your KARE portal, there is a button that says, “Promote this Shift.” For a small fee, your shift will not only be posted to the app but also, all qualified Heroes will receive a text message and in-app message to apply for the shift. If no one fills your shift, you will not be charged to promote the shift.
  • Pay a bonus. In your portal, you can offer to pay the HERO a one-time bonus, from $5 to $500 for taking the shift. It is entirely up to you. This is especially useful for last-minute shifts or shifts during the holidays that are more difficult to fill.

KARE does. As long as the HERO receives a 4 or 5-star rating from you, they will typically get paid once you verify their completed shift. Otherwise, they will have to wait a week. This keeps the HERO motivated to perform for you. We then invoice you on a regular basis and we float the difference.

KARE carries a General Liability Policy and Workers Comp policy on all shifts. If something needs to be reported to the state, then you would do so as you would any other staff member. We should also be immediately notified so that we can suspend the account of the HERO in question.

A half-page. Shorter than this FAQ document.

We take a small fee on each hour worked, but the total cost to you should be roughly equal to what you would pay your own fully. But don’t worry, we still pay a market wage to each person on KARE.

When we set up your account, you will upload the following documents to your KARE Portal:

  • Community “Face Sheet”: What to wear, where to park, who to report to how to log into EHR, any special instructions, etc
  • Resident Bill of Rights
  • When to Notify the Administrator of Change in Condition of a Resident
  • When to Report Abuse and Neglect
  • Life Safety procedures

When a HERO works at your community for the first time, these documents will become visible on their app. They will not be allowed to check in until they have read and acknowledged that they have read each one. They can always refer back to these documents at any time during their shift.

Please do! We won’t charge anything for a full-time hire! Unlike an agency, hiring is strongly encouraged!

Unfortunately, you cannot select them to work a KARE shift as they are your employees, as they would be subject to overtime and other labor laws.

We have communities who post over 20 shifts in less than five minutes.

We understand that situations may occur involving KARE Heroes and members of your staff or residents.  If you have a grievance to file,  please fill out this form.  The HERO Grievance Form is to be used by KARE Technologies, LLC platform customers for reports of resident abuse/neglect, resident misappropriation, customer service and other reports of misconduct, as well as any other occurrence that may require immediate removal of a hero from the platform and or the community. The form must be completed with any report of a hero grievance and any additional comments or attachments can be directed to

Please note, that this report does not substitute as your community’s notification to local and state regulatory bodies as mandated by state and Federal laws.

We are currently in many major markets, including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New Jersey, Orlando, Portland, Seattle, and Tampa.

Should a Community cancel a shift with a confirmed HERO that is scheduled to start less than four (4) hours from the time it is canceled, that Community will be charged for four (4) hours of the Base Rate of the shift with 100% of these funds going directly to the HERO. This also applies to shifts where a confirmed HERO arrives at your community to work but is sent home due to not being needed/overstaffing. If a HERO begins working but is sent home within the first four (4) hours of the shifts, the Community will be charged and the HERO will be paid for four (4) hours. This is done to ensure that KARE Heroes will continue to pick up shifts at your Community and to maintain a positive relationship with your Heroes who committed to your shifts.

HERO Real-Time Pay™

HERO Real-Time Pay™ is a feature that allows eligible* Heroes to receive payment immediately after shifts are verified. This means Heroes will get paid at night, on the weekends, and even on holidays! HERO Real-Time Pay™ will be active 24/7. *To be eligible for HERO Real-Time Pay™, Heroes must receive a minimum four-star rating for their shift and bank with a financial institution that supports real-time payments. You can find more official information about the actual function of Real-Time Pay through The Clearing House.

There is no elaborate training required. If you can use Uber, Lyft or GrubHub, you can use KARE. We’ve had clients post shifts during training and had them filled in 2 minutes!

No. HERO Real-Time Pay™ immediately pays Heroes once a shift is verified. If an error is made, KARE will be unable to credit shift costs back to communities. KARE has put some features in place to help prevent errors and review shifts that seem excessive or uncommon. These features are:  

  • Hero time modification options that allow Heroes to make changes to their clock-in and clock-out times prior to the shift being verified.   
  • Notification for additional approve payment review by KARE support team if shift appears ‘abnormal’ based on initial expected shift duration.   
  • Coming in 2023- Expected payment amounts detailed out for supervisors to compare to actual payment amounts during the verification process. 

No. Only Heroes who earn a minimum of four stars on their shifts and bank with financial institutions that participate in Real-Time Pay through The Clearing House are eligible for HERO Real-Time Pay™. The list of participating institutions can be found here.  

Great question! There are two answers. If a HERO is rated less than four stars, they will receive their payment within 7-10 business days of their shift being verified.  We recommend you continue to rate Heroes based on their performance. If a HERO doesn’t work a four-star or higher shift, then rate them accordingly.  

Heroes who earn a minimum four-star rating and who do not utilize a financial institution that participates in The Clearing House can still be paid the same business day if their shift is verified by 1 PM central time. If verified after 1 PM they will receive payment the next business day.  

No. Only KARE staff members and the Heroes will be able to see eligibility status.

It is possible Heroes will reach out to have their shifts verified as soon as they check out. Our communication to Heroes does ask them not to expect instant verification and be respectful of your workload. To offer the best experience between the HERO and your community, we recommend verifying shifts as soon as possible. We also recommend turning on your notifications for shift verification. If you need help with setting notifications, please contact our support team. 

If you are a community user who doesn’t have much time to spend on the computer, we recommend downloading our KARE Communities mobile app. Community users can verify and post shifts from the app. You can find it in iPhone and Android app stores. 

Heroes enjoy the perk of getting paid quickly. It is recommended that community users enable notifications about shifts finishing and needing verification. In addition, it’s important to have the mobile app downloaded so you can verify shifts on the go instead of sitting down at a computer. 

No. KARE will still bill your company on the 1st and the 15th for services.