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HERO Roles & License Types

Historically, KARE has created HERO Roles for all communities. However, it has often been difficult for communities to know what the roles are and what license types are associated with those roles. New improvements have been made to make HERO Roles more flexible by allowing communities to create their own roles and identify the proper license types that can work that role. In addition, Heroes will be able to quickly find the roles that fit their license type.


List of changes

The following changes will be occurring:

  • Communities can make their own unique HERO roles and assign a primary license type and alternative license types that can work the role
  • Communities can add default information per role (such as rate and description) for easier shift management
  • Invoices will be better organized by license category (nursing, therapy , etc.) with aggregated data for better cost analysis
  • Community users can set their notifications and views based on license category


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Creating a unique role

To create a HERO role, you must have permissions to access your community’s information page. If you have access, click the tab titled Community.



Once inside the community page, scroll down past the address and phone number section where you will see HERO/Pay Rate/Discount Margin (Paid in 15 days)*. In this section, you will see the preset licensed HERO KARE roles that are in the system (these cannot be edited) and an option to add licensed HERO community roles. Click the button to Add HERO Role.


A modal will appear asking for the following information:

  • Category license type – examples include nursing, therapy, dialysis.
  • HERO role name – your community’s custom role name.
  • Primary license type – the primary license type that can work this role.
  • Alternative license type – the alternative license types that can also work this role if desired.
  • Shift description for role – this information will auto fill the shift description based on the license type. Provide detailed information about what the role’s responsibilities and expectations are.
  • Payment type – hours or sessions, dependent on the category license type.



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What license types are available?

The main license types that will be displayed in the system are:

  • CNA
  • RN
  • PT
  • OT
  • SLP
  • PTA
  • COTA


Other license types that will be available will be unique license types or combinations of licenses per state such as:

  • AL Caregiver (AZ)
  • CMA for AL (NC)
  • CNA + CMA
  • And more