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Restricted Shifts Notice

Important COVID-19 update for all Kare Heroes.   PLEASE READ!!!

First and foremost, we want to sincerely thank you for the incredible work you are doing.  The term “HERO” has never been more appropriate and deserved.

As you may know, staff movement restrictions are being considered, if not already enforced at many healthcare facilities around the country due to government or company policies.

Kare is working hard to continue to provide our heroes the ability to work and earn income, while maintaining a high level of safety and responsibility.

We need your help and cooperation.

In our latest software version released today, in order to help enforce compliance with government or customer policy, we now have the ability to restrict the access of Heroes to certain specific communities, if needed, on a case by case basis.  While we understand this may not sound ideal, please know this is a necessary precaution to help keep not only residents, but also YOU, safe and slow the spread of this virus.

Starting today, many of our shifts will be posted as a RESTRICTED SHIFT.   What does that mean?  If a community is movement restricted, as a Hero, you will only be able to work shifts at that community indefinitely, until these restrictions are lifted.   Please read the shift descriptions on your app for more specific details about each community’s current status.   (see sample)

App Screenshot

Note:  This is just suggested text.  Each community will provide specifics, if needed, so it is important to read before confirming your shift.

If a community you are currently working in becomes movement restricted, we will communicate this to you so you can be prepared. Kare will also have to cancel any upcoming shifts you have at other communities.  These cancelations WILL NOT be considered in our standard Cancelation/Suspension policy.

Regarding Hazard Pay or “Movement Restricted” Pay – While we do not set pay rates, and the government has yet to make these pay adjustments mandatory, we are encouraging communities to offer bonuses or increase pay as they see fit, especially at communities that are movement restricted.

IMPORTANT NOTE Regarding NON KARE facilities:..We can only control what happens on our platform.  If you are working in a Movement Restricted building, be responsible and comply with any ordinance and restrict yourself from working in other NON Kare healthcare environments during this time. 

As you know, details and regulations are changing daily (sometimes by the hour) so please stay tuned and read all communication sent by Kare.

Again, your commitment and dedication to the health and well-being of our seniors is greatly appreciated. Please continue to be patient with us during the coming weeks as we do our best to navigate these uncharted waters.