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Becoming a KARE HERO


Note: If you do not know how to sign up, please visit our help article on how to register/login with KARE [insert link to signup article].


To become a KARE HERO, all users must go through a “candidate” onboarding process. This process involves validating documents such as your healthcare license, certifications, background reports, and more. We will talk more about details of validation later in this article.

The steps involved with becoming a HERO are:

  1. Setting up your profile
  2. Verifying healthcare license
  3. Acknowledging KARE’s terms of service and privacy policy
  4. Going through an interview
  5. Upload required supporting documents
  6. Background checks and drug screenings
  7. Final profile review


Getting started as a candidate

Users are required to signup on KARE Heroes to start the process of becoming a HERO. The first portions of signing up require inputting basic information about yourself and verifying your phone number via a code. Once through the phone verification process, you will be prompted to input additional personal information:


  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Apt/Unit/Floor (if applicable)
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code


You can tap the “Setup Later” button at the bottom of the page if you need more time to complete your profile.


ℹ️ Social Security Numbers are required by KARE to verify healthcare licenses and for tax/payment purposes. This information is not shared with anyone outside of KARE.


Step 1 – Verifying license

All Heroes are required to show proof of a valid healthcare license. You’ll be asked to specify details of your license from the following categories:

  • License state
  • License type
  • License number (optional)

If you do not have a license number on hand, you can still proceed without one by tapping the “I do not own a license number” checkbox. Submit your license information by tapping the “Submit for Review” button. Once submitted, KARE onboarding specialists will review your information and validate whether your license is valid. You will receive a notification once your license is approved.

[Insert screenshot of reviewing license screen]


Step 1.5 – Acknowledge KARE’s terms of service and privacy policy

Once you submit your healthcare license and it is approved by KARE’s onboarding specialists, you will be required to read and accept KARE’s terms of service and privacy policy.


KARE’s terms of service covers many topics including but not limited to:

  • What policies apply to all users of KARE, how KARE works, what KARE isn’t, registration on KARE, responsibilities, content, suspension and termination from the platform
  • Professional relationship between KARE and registered Heroes, registration information, payment, HIPAA, and more


KARE’s privacy policy covers many topics including but not limited to:

  • What information does KARE collect
  • How does KARE process the information
  • Legal rights to processing information
  • How we share information
  • How to contact KARE about privacy
  • How to review, update, and delete data that KARE collects


Step 2 – Go through an interview

KARE loves to get to know its Heroes before they start working. Once your license is verified, our onboarding specialists will typically call you within 24 hours during weekdays or 48 hours on weekends to initiate an interview lasting 10-12 minutes. If you don’t want to wait, you can always call us through a number provided on the Heroes app! During the interview, important topics will be covered like:

  • Why KARE is not a staffing agency
  • Tax implications of being classified as a 1099 worker
  • Payment methods
  • Star rating system


Step 3 – Upload required supporting documents

In order to ensure that your profile is complete and compliant, we require candidates to upload documents required by the state you are licensed in, tax forms, bank account information, resumes, and background check processing documents. Not all states will require the same documentation.

Typical state required documents are:

  • Drivers license
  • Healthcare license
  • BLS certification
  • COVID vaccination forms or exemption


[Insert photo of required documents section]


Account required documents:

  • Tax form
  • Bank account
  • Resume
ℹ️ If you do not have a resume to upload, you can build one on KARE by tapping the “Use Resume Builder” button.

[Insert photo of required account documents]


Background check processing documents:

  • Authorization form


[Insert background check processing documents photo]


In addition, you may see an “Optional” documents section. These documents are not mandatory to become a HERO but can help show off your credentials to potential communities. If you have additional optional documents, we encourage you to upload them.

[insert optional documents section photo]


All required documents are validated by KARE’s onboarding team according to state regulations. Please make sure that these documents have the correct expiration dates inputted or your onboarding process may be delayed to ensure proper compliance.


Step 4 – Background checks and drug screenings

In order to be compliant with state laws, as well as give communities peace of mind when accepting a HERO applicant, we require Heroes to submit background check and drug screenings.

Once you have gotten to step 4, you receive an email through KARE’s drug and background check partner, Checkr. Follow the instructions through your email to get started. If you need more help understanding how to set up a drug screen appointment, please go to our help article on utilizing Checkr for health/drug screens.


ℹ️ Some states require additional background processes such as fingerprinting.


[Insert screenshot of step 4]


Once your background check and drug screenings come through, KARE’s onboarding team will verify the results. If you pass, you will be one step closer to finishing the onboarding process!


[insert screenshot of success message for background checks]


Step 5 – Final profile review

After uploading all required documents and completing the proper background check/drug screen forms, your profile will be reviewed one final time by our onboarding specialists. Each document will display a review status indicating what is left for KARE to review.


[Insert Screenshot of Profile Review Section]


If a document is rejected, you may need to revise and resubmit the document. If you are not sure why a document has been rejected, you can reach out to our KARE support team and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

[Insert screenshot of rejected documents]


Once your profile has been reviewed and everything has been verified to be correct, you will receive a notification that you are now a HERO!

[Insert screenshot of HERO notice]


Other important things to do


Selecting a market

Once you have been approved to become a HERO, you will need to select a market to start seeing shifts. Markets are separated by state. You can select multiple markets if you plan on working in different states/cities or are interested in viewing what other states/cities have to offer.


Creating a HERO ID badge

If you have already uploaded a photo of yourself when creating a profile, that photo will be used on your ID badge. You can change your photo if needed by uploading a new one. Communities like when Heroes have badges so they can recognize you. Please make sure that your picture shows ONLY your face and does not use any filters. Using filters may results in rejected applications.

[Screenshot of badge page]


Badges are sent after your 2nd shift and can take up to two weeks to arrive. Some communities may request to see a KARE badge upon arrival. If you have not received your physical copy, show them your drivers license or another other form of verification. If you need a new physical badge, reach out to KARE and we can provide you with one.

[screenshot of digital badge]



Additional Resources

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