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Shift Check In

Even if the client community has their own manual check in/check out process, you still must check in and out via KARE Heroes to receive payment.


Clicking “Ready to Go”

Two hours prior to your shift starting, the KARE Heroes app will prompt you to click “Ready to Go.” Clicking this will send a message to the community that you are about to travel to your next shift. If your location settings are enabled, communities will be able to see your distance so they can make sure you will arrive on time. If you don’t click “Ready to Go,” the community may assume that you are no longer coming, and it’s possible that they will re-post the shift for others. We do encourage communities to reach out to you if you have not clicked “Ready to Go,” however, every community follows this process differently. Therefore, clicking “Ready To Go” is HIGHLY recommended.

[Insert screenshot of ready to go]


Checking in

Once you arrive at a community, the app will automatically check you in (if you have location services turned on). If you aren’t automatically checked in, you can always tap the “Check In” button.


Your time card will continue to be active on the app until check out. If you want to learn more about checking out, please visit our article in the additional resources section titled “Shift Check Out.”


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