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Shift Check Out

Even if the client community has their own manual check in/check out process, you still must check in and out via the app. This guide will go through the procedures of checking out of a shift.


Checking out

Once you are ready to check out, simply tap the “Check Out” button.


Verify working hours

Upon checking out, a screen will appear asking you to verify times and to add breaks and/or meals. Once this is finished, you will be required to review the community and then the time card will go to the community supervisor for them to verify. Once they do, you will get paid soon!


Leaving a review

To make sure communities are treating Heroes fairly, we encourage Heroes to give honest feedback about their experience. These reviews are anonymous and not shared with communities. You will be asked to leave a star rating for the community (1 star being the lowest, 5 being the highest) on the following categories:

  1. Overall experience with the community
  2. How welcoming the community was to you
  3. Staffing levels at the community
  4. Clear directions given for the tasks expected of you
  5. Teamwork among staff members

After your star rating for the community, a survey will appear asking you a few questions such as:

  1. Will you return to the community?
  2. Would you like to favorite the community?
  3. Any additional comments about your experience with the community


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